Automatically switch HA display to show camera with motion

I am trying to see if there is a way for a home assistant display to automatically switch to display the camera that detected motion. I have all the underpinnings in place and functioning well (HA, Frigate on a separate host with a Coral TPU, integration between the two, zones created, person detection enabled, etc, etc)

I have a tablet set up as an HA display in the kitchen of our house, and with my frigate setup, it send alerts to my phone when it detects a person at the front door. I was looking to possibly combine the two for anyone who is in the kitchen: The HA display automatically switching from the overview (which it is usually on) to the front door camera when it detects a person.

I’ve searched to see if this is possible, for ideas as to how this might be possible, and I’ve come up empty. Having it in place would definitely level up the WAF (Wife Approval Factor).