Automaticly moving files using home assistant

im in the prossess of trying to get home assistant to automaticly move files around depending on the time of year for my desktop background. however im having trubble setting up the shell command for the automation to pull from. what i have is;

  move_files_source_christmas: 'mv -n "//HomeServer/Server/Holidays/Christmas"/* "//HomeServer/Server/Holidays/In Season/"'
  move_files_source_halloween: 'mv -n "//HomeServer/Server/Holidays/Halloween"/* "//HomeServer/Server/Holidays/In Season/"'
  move_files_source_4thofjuly: 'mv -n "//HomeServer/Server/Holidays/4th of July"/* "//HomeServer/Server/Holidays/In Season/"'
  move_files_source_normal: 'mv -n "//HomeServer/Server/Holidays/normal"/* "//HomeServer/Server/Holidays/In Season/"'
  move_files_back_source_christmas: 'mv -n -r "//HomeServer/Server/Holidays/In Season/Christmas"/* "//HomeServer/Server/Holidays/"'
  move_files_back_source_halloween: 'mv -n -r "//HomeServer/Server/Holidays/In Season/Halloween"/* "//HomeServer/Server/Holidays/"'
  move_files_back_source_4thofjuly: 'mv -n -r "//HomeServer/Server/Holidays/In Season/4th of July"/* "//HomeServer/Server/Holidays/"'
  move_files_back_source_normal: 'mv -n -r "//HomeServer/Server/Holidays/In Season/normal"/* "//HomeServer/Server/Holidays/"'

the code is in my configuration.yaml file. and the paths are correct. however when ever i go to run the service nothing happens. testing the code in putty says that the file or directory cannot be found.
the files are located on a nas that is a different IP address then HA. ive tried it with IP addresses with no improvement.

Until it works in Putty, it won’t work in the shell command area. You didn’t say anything about the platform on which you are running HA, but basically you need to mount the NAS on your HA instance so that it’s available. You also have to set it up so that it remounts anytime you restart the HA device.

How you do that really depends on the platform/device on which you are running HA.