Automaticly turn on plug after manual turn off

I have two bedside lamps connected to Tuya smart plugs, these lamps need to be touched to be turned on (sensitive touch).

In this configuration, smart plugs can’t turn on lights, as they always need to be touched to be turned on, but it’s still helpfull to turn them off by night.

I want to avoid having 2 operations to perform to turn on these lights (turn on the plug then turn on the lamp), I am trying to automate the first step. Basically, what I want is HA to detects that one of these two sockets has been turned off, then automatically turns them back on, which will allow these lamps to be turn-on back on simply by touching them. Any idea how to ask H.A to turn on again a plug that he just saw turn off?

Thanks for your feedbacks.

Just trigger on the state being off, then action switch turn on.


Hi, thanks for your feedback ! :pray: