Automating a cheap fog machine

I use a very basic fog machine with a wired trigger button, which is a little inconvenient at parties. So I was looking into improving the user experience by DIYing an ESP etc. into it, but it actually turned out that a Shelly and relay perfectly fulfill the requirements and simplify the whole modification a lot. The fog machine is now controllable via Wifi and can be automated in HA! :muscle: (Manual wired control still works as fallback.)

I posted a detailed description, build instructions, and an example HA automation on my blog: Smartifying and automating a cheap fog machine – Protyposis

Happy fogging! :fog::dash::dash::dash: :upside_down_face:

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I was about to consider doing this using one of the many spare sonoff Basics I have, but realised that you use the local switching on the shelly to detect the heater being ready - so looks like I need to buy a shelly. and the AC relay.


The Sonoff Basic is the first switch I looked into, but it’s much bigger than the Shelly and wouldn’t have fit into my fog machine. The ready detection isn’t absolutely necessary, but definitely helpful.

Yup - its bigger!

And you are correct - the heater detection isn’t mandatory, but given the way this is likely to be triggered (door bell), it good to have.

Any suggestions on alternative relay - getting the Finder is near impossible here in Australia.