Automating a Lighthouse**

(**OK, sorry for the clickbait!)

Not the most exciting of projects, but it’s kinda fun and a great piece for the office.

Take one Lego lighthouse, and add a slightly modified Zigbee switch module:

This takes a 9v input, and provides two switched 9v supplies and a 5v switched supply via the step-down module glued to the top of the second relay. Add a couple of Lego power interface cables, and a USB output for the lighting and that’s the controls sorted.

I’m going to pretend that the next phase involved a carefully engineered integration of this module into the lighthouse, but in reality, I stuffed it into the base as well as I could, with a jumble of untidy wires all stuffed in the same hole in the base of the model:

But the end result is actually quite impressive:

I can independently switch the tower lighting, the motor that rotates the beam and the beam light itself using HA, so have quickly tied it into my office lighting and I’m happy with the result. Not too bad for a few quid on Aliexpress and an hour or two bashing it all together in the garage. I’m using a third-party lighting kit, which really makes the model stand out. the default lighting is a bit lame, TBH.

Might have the thing do a few turns when the kids come home from school, or something similar. Suggestions welcomed - perhaps it should turn on when fog is forecast!


Aan €260 in legos :joy:

Jokes aside that looks absolutely stunning! Do you think you could post a video of it working?

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You can buy it from AliExpress for a lot less than that… :wink:

Yeah, I’ll share a video later. The lighthouse was an excellent build, although retro-fitting the lights and controller was mildly soul-destroying!