Automating a TP-02RF remote?

I have a an old projector screen that is controlled by an RF remote. I’d like to raise or lower it as part of a HA scene/automation. Does anyone have any ideas/recommendations on how to integrate such a device?

Here’s a link to its instructions:

I’d ideally like to get a little box that can connect to HA (in order of preference: via z-wave, ethernet, or wifi) and can transmit the “up” or “down” RF command that this remote uses (as opposed to a “SwitchBot” style of solution that pushes the buttons directly… until it gets bumped or knocked off the shelf). Any ideas?


You can grab a Broadlink Mini to control IR based devices in each room you have one setup at the time:

Same steps apply to the different models:

Thanks! This remote is RF not IR. The instructions say “315/433 MHz” (see my link), but the table you pasted in says that the RM Pro+ and RM4 Pro support “433 MHz”. Are these likely to be compatible?

Yes, grab the RM4 Pro for RF based devices then as it does both IR and RF.

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I’ve had this same thought but I’ve not even been able to get my TP02RF to pair with the RF remote I have with it.

It looks the same as the ones that should work with it, but I bought it second hand so I’m wondering if it’s not. Did you have any issues pairing it?

Keep us updated how you go automating it

Thanks. I’ve got the RM4 Pro and have successfully connected it to home assistant but no dice so far on using it to control the screen. I’ve gone through the steps here but when I trigger the remote action nothing happens,

One thing I did note — but haven’t had time to fully explore — is that:

  • when training, the integration seems to wait ~30 seconds and then stop. (There is no indication of whether it successfully trained or not.)
  • To activate the screen I need to briefly press then let go of the remote button

So I’m not sure whether I should hold the button during training (with the RM4 Pro being smart enough to only trigger a brief replay) or press it once (then wait 30 seconds) or press it intermittently during training, etc.

Separately, I was not able to find a way to display the list of trained commands that the RM4 Pro understands… so I don’t really know if it was training successfully at all…

Usually when having them learn other control codes you just press the button once on the source remote so that they register on the one learning and you setup the wait time or hold delay in the automation of the press action at the time.

All the codes learned should show up as per the video when setup. If the commands are not registering and the codes are learned then you may need to look into another option for control of the device in question at the time.