Automating Dog/Cat food with the new Xiaomi Furrytail

This device hasn’t been released yet, but according to the release date it will be released on the 30th of June with an advised sales price of $28 (which probably translates to €28 in the EU). I am really interested in this device and I just wanted to throw this under attention so that we might be able to integrate this with HA in the future. It is a dog/cat food dispenser that works with the Xiaomi Hub, in the app you can regulate how much and when food should be dispensed.

At the same time there is a smart drinking bowl from the same brand, which is already released. I do not know if this can be attached to the hub as the furrytail can, but if so it would be awesome to have this in our setups as well.

So nothing that really can be done yet until it is released, but I am pretty sure that a lot of pet owners here would love to know about these products.

Take a look at my furrytail golang library

This will help you if you have basic Golang coding skills and able to sniff furrytail auth token with any proxy software (like Charles).

I’m not ready to answer any questions about that or to help installing this for now. Will try to make it more user-friendly later.

Is there any english app for android? I bought one and i have problem with chinese app…

I am interested in buying the water dispenser mentioned in the OP, it does appear as an option to be added in my Mi Home app…since it’s WiFi, there should be no need for any of the Xiaomi BLE or Zigbee hubs, but am not sure afterwards how I could add it to either HA or Google Home/Alexa.

With Tuya I managed to get around this by creating automations in the Tuya app and having those show up in HA/Google Home/Alexa, but how would one do this in Mi Home? Does anyone see Mi Home-created automations (“Scenes”) anywhere else?