Automating dog water bowl with maximum level sensor


I’m new at this, and one of the main thing I wanted to do is similar to this… We are redoing our home, and I don’t want to deal with my dogs need to spill 85% of the water he tries to drink with all the new floor materials. So first we thought of adding a sort of floor like a shower type, but that would really be a huge space for that and it wont really solve the problem since we don’t have were to put that area, knowing it could be wet all the time…

Then while working on the system we are going to install, I remembered the sensors and all that I have never really gotten into that much thinking I would never use them at home… but…

This is the idea, and thank you for keeping uo with me:

A big “long” bowl like a Tally, but not that deep, just a couple of inches
I have a “no spill” bowl which allows him to drink but he can’t spill since there is just an inch or two of water at the time (I don’t use it all the time because we have 3 dogs and it only holds 2L of water). So the idea is to connect a sensor to the water level to always keep it at 1 inch - 1 1/2 inches of water, bring a pipe down to the bowl (one of the back corners of it) with a big water supply connected to it, and wither gravity or a pump to fill the bowl when the sensor tells it to.

Do you guys know of anything I could use as a big bowl like that?
What sensor can I have there in the bowl?
Is the idea viable? should I connect a water supply or just directly to the water supple of the home and add a water flow control valve to the pipe?

I really don’t know what else to do, I do need a constant water supply because the 3 dogs drink water like crazy, just one of them doesn’t know how to drink. I believe the water supply will allow me to clean the water supply regularly, and add a filter, or the liquid to help with the bacteria in their mouth and all… but having it directly connected to the main water supply would be simpler (I’f I’m correct) and it will let me really have an unlimited supply, I’m sure I could add a filter to that one too

Thank you!!
Best Regards!