Automating Garage

I’ve installed an wifi garage door relay that works with it’s branded app (EWeLink). It works great and I can open and close it from the app. How do I now integrate into Home Assistant? It has a static IP and port. I’ve setup in HA and that works fine. Just need a little help with the YAML to get me going with this switch/sensor. Thanks!

I just did a quick review of the device and it uses ewelink’s proprietary protocol to communicate with their cloud service and their app.

A search of the community forum shows other people have requested a native component for ewelink but it doesn’t appear to have materialized.

However, there is one thread describing a custom component that supports your device.

You may want to try that and see if it works for you.

Look for a Tasmota flash for the device so you can get rid of the cloud reliance. If you can flash it with Tasmota then you can probably do ESPhome (which I feel is better integrated to HA). It’s quite possible that there is simply an ESP8266 hiding inside the unit in which case you can do what you want with a custom flashed firmware.

I was looking at the pics of that board and I saw four holes on the board that looked suspiciously like they might be able to have a pin header soldered to them.

I did a search on the wifi board and the first hit was a thread on the tasmota site with a discussion on how to get Tasmota on it. Not as easy as I would have originally thought but doable.

Maybe you can even put ESPHome on it but I haven’t even started to look into that.