Automating house heating based on room and outdoor temperature

Hi there,

I have a house I don’t live in, but visit every third or fourth week. During the wintertime, I need to have heating on to make sure the water doesn’t freeze.
I have added 7 temperature sensors and smart plugs to turn on/off electrical heaters based on the temperature. This all works fine.

Now, I want to refine it a bit, so that I also take the outdoor temperature into account.
So i regulate the room temperature based on helpers where i set the min / max temperature I want in the room. The min is typically 7°C and max is 8°C.

I have now added a temperature sensor outside as well, and want only to turn on the heaters if the outdoor temperature goes below the value of a helper where I set “outdoor_activation_temp”.

How do I do this?

I tried using the room temperature and room_min / room_max helpers as trigger. This fires when room temperature goes below the room_min helper value.

Then I have a condition that says if outdoor_temp is below the value of “outdoor_activation_temp” then it will run the Automation action to turn on the smart plug for the electrical heater.

Unfortunately this does not work.
Any ideas why this does not work?
Any suggestion to how to set this up?

See the attached picture for how I want this to work.
Basically only switch on the heating when outdoor is below 3°C and room temp goes below 7°C

Thanks in advance.

I think I may have figured out a way to do it:
Use two triggers, both the indoor and outdoor temperature is used to trigger if below the min value.
Then in the action field I test on both conditions that they are both below the min values, and only then I will do the action of turning on the smart-plug for the electrical heater.

Testing this now… :slight_smile: