Automating vertical blinds in Australia

I’m currently renovating my apartment including automating it with Home Assistant.

I’ve spoken to a number of blind suppliers who all tell me that you can’t buy automated vertical blinds in Australia.

My research to date, has found Luxaflex supply all other types of automated blinds but not automated vertical blinds. Frustratingly, Luxaflex use the HA supported Powerview automation products and overseas these a product to automate vertical blinds, however no one produces the the vertical blind product in Australia.

My question: can anyone suggest an Australian supplier of automated vertical blinds?

Ikea? “FYRTUR Blackout roller blind, wireless, battery operated gray, 32x76 ¾” - IKEA" FYRTUR Blackout roller blind, wireless, battery operated gray, 32x76 ¾" - IKEA

I just bought one of these and plan to flash it with ESPhome (to remove the Cloud dependancy), but I haven’t installed it yet. Hopefully this coming week.

Hey Dave

see the following tasmota entrie and a write up by blakadder that i used for these controllers, still running tasmota, but if you get going in ESPhome lets us know.

Zemismart Blinds Controller Motor Template for Tasmota (

Tuya Covers in Tasmota and Home Assistant | Blakadder’s Smarthome Shenanigans

Yep, that what I was planning on following but I’ll likely convert the template to ESPhome. I’ve done one before, not too difficult.

So it’s been a while and I’ve finally gotten around to trying to flash the Kogan / Zemismart blinds motor I linked above, but am not having any luck.

@aidbish how did you get the flash to work? I’ve tried using a USB-serial converter that has worked on many other devices in the past. Connected using the UOTX / UORX pins of the TYWE1S chip, GPIO0 linked to GND, RST linked to GND at boot, what I think is the RST pin of the Tuya MCU linked to GND for the whole process, but no luck. ESPhome_flasher starts connecting and detects the ESP chip but errors on STUB.

Hoping you have some tips that can get this thing flashed…



hi mate

i was able to do them with tuya convert before they blocked em
have a look at this thread about the tywes1 chip
Tuya TYWE1S flash help - Hardware - Home Assistant Community (

have you tried the other rx/tx pair just in case they are using those
as the template for the zemi ones here, mention other gpio
Zemismart Blinds Controller Motor (YH002) Template for Tasmota (

i think you only need gpio0 to gnd to get in to flash mode and not rst or anything

Hey Dave

Just wondering how you got on with ESPhome on those blind controllers

I’ve been away for work the last week but so far no luck. I’ll have another crack at it this weekend.

Finally spent a bit of time on this. I couldn’t flash the original chip so swapped that out for an ESP12F, currently running Tasmota. I’ll see how I go using this with HA before trying to change it to ESPhome. I need to setup the cover config in HA.