Automation : Add a simple trigger per device

Hi there !

I would really like to see a simple trigger in automation when a device is doing “something”.
I’m talking here about the way HA manages remotes (to control lights).

I know blueprints exist, but (at least for me) most of the time they are not working well (need to push the buttons multiple times etc.)

This could be resolved by just a single trigger.

Trigger :
Remote1 trigger “something” (could be really any button)
Action :
If “something” is button 1 pressed then do
Elseif “something” is button 2 pressed then do
Elseif “something” is button 3 pressed then do

And so on

This would be perfect to handle remote.

Sounds kind of like the, recently added, Event entity… but not all integrations have updated to use it yet, so there may not be an event entity available for your specific remote.

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It clearly seems so …
But how do i use it in the UI ?

What do you mean by “use it in the UI?”

Sorry I’m not english.

I mean in the web interface, how do you use the automation trigger ?
If I look into “add a trigger”, what choice do I have to make in this case ?

If the integration has been updated to include event entities, you can trigger off their state by selecting State from the list of trigger types.

By Integration you mean like “Zigbee Home Automation” integration ?

Yes. To find event entities available on your instance, you can search for “event.” in the Entities list.

Completely empty for me :frowning:

No one else ?
I have no Event entity on my Zigbee devices mounted with ZHA.
Is it normal ?
If yes is it planned ?