Automation between esphome nodes

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I’ve got two esphome nodes (NodeMCU for both) in my garage. The first one has an ultrasonic sensor attached and is mounted to the roof. I’ve setup binary sensors for if the garage door is opened and if the car is in the garage. This work fine.

I’ve got a second node with an RGB LED and an ultrasonic sensor. I’d like put this at the front of the garage facing the garage door. When the car comes in the LED should guide the drive to the proper distance inside (the parking spot is quite small for our car).

I can see how I would do this with the ultrasonic sensor on all the time, but I might also walk through the garage or whatever. I don’t want the LED constantly blinking.

Ideally when the binary sensor for the garage door is OPEN the parking assist node would be active (ultrasonic sensor on a really short interval and the LED guiding the driver). When the door is closed the parking assitant goes quiet.

I’m sure this is possible, I’m just not sure what to search for haha.

Thanks for your help!

Did you ever find an answer? I’m looking to do the exact same thing!

No I didn’t. My garage got full of stuff for the winter and I haven’t had a driver to look into it further (pun intended).

I wonder if you could set a boolean on the the LED blinking node to false and use an automation to turn it to true when the door has been triggered. You could then let the ultrasonic sensor and LED only work when the boolean is true?

Only thinking out loud, not sure if any of that is possible. Please share if you do find a solution!