Automation by "Area" so you can use mulitple "Turn On Light" for different rooms & Multi Mic Mesh Support & External Reponse Speaker

just like star trek you should be able to walk into any room… and say
“Turn On Light” not have to say " turn on basement bedroom light" or “turn on the living room light” while your in the living room… when your in the living room you should be able to say “turn on light”

same if you got indiviual heaters… if you walk in master bedroom … you should be able to say " Set Heat to 25c" if you walk into Kids bedroom “Set Heat to 22c”

and not long word sentences
so far i noticed you cant do “Area” as a Automation yet… only Zones

but you cant set a Esp32with a mic to a Zone… as i tried making 5 zones in my house and then set 5 mics in each zone but needs to be specific

also the 2nd

if you got a bigger room you want to have like 5 or 10 microphones in a room… so it can pick up your voice… so then you dont want 1 mic conflicting with another… it should be like a wifi MESH so they all work together… and no need for a speaker on a microphone should have like 1 speaker in the ceiling or multiple but the microphone reponsose should goto the External speaker not to an attached speaker when you dont have one… when its just microphones located around the room

This was made possible 6 months ago Year of the Voice - Chapter 5 - Home Assistant

ah ok i just looked at it now… i dont see how i can use my esp32s as satellites only talks about raspberry pi as a sattellite… doesnt show any code or instructions how do do it

is it something that is coming? or is already released… with step by step instructions to do it

do you happen to have a link on videos they did that awarness one… on how they did that one there yamls etc

Dude, they’ve been announcing support for voice assistant for a year and a half & and have made several posts.

Click the link I gave you. That’s chapter 5. Search through the blog for chapter 1 and start reading from there.
Most of the posts contain instructions or videos, plus there’s the voice assistant contest category and the voice tag in these forums.

There’s plenty of resources to find if you bother to search.