Automation - Call Service - Hide the propreties

I noticed that since some Versions in an Automation when using the Action Type Call Service, it shows automatically all the possible propreties which can be set with this Service. For example I use the Service light.turn_on, and now when editing the automation there is now this huge block with all the propreties(Transition,Color,XY-Color,Brightness etc.).

While when creating the automation for the first time this seems to be very helpful, when changing the automation afterwards it makes it really annoying having mulitple of these huge blocks when scrolling throught the automation to change something or find an error.
Can this be reverted back to the old style? That I only see the Action Type, Service, Entity and a Box to enter additional Service-Data?

And since I’m already creating a Post, in the Developer Tools in the Tab Services, in the past I was able to copy the exact name of the service. this seems to be not possible anymore. For example light.toggle, this was very usefull.
And also if I use YAML-Mode in the Develover Tools - Services Tab, I can’t select the entity via dropdown. Imho it was better solved in the past when I was able to select the entity via GUI and set the rest in YAML.

I don’t like changes :see_no_evil: