Automation: Call Service, zwave_js.set_config_parameter Not working

I have several GE Enbrighten z-wave dimmers that I am trying to use an automation to control. I have setup these dimmers using Z-Wave JS to MQTT and the offical Z-Wave JS integration.

Below is my automation:

Unfortunately this automation, even when manually run, does not change the value specified.

Any ideas why?

Do you see the parameter if you go through Configuration->Integrations->Zwave_js->->Configure? My GE plug-in dimmer module doesn’t have parameter #32. If you do see it there, can you set it there?

It would help if you said which GE switch you are trying to set, or even better, post a link to its page at

I would second the suggestion to look in the device configuration panel to see what the valid parameters are and what their valid values are. The Device DB will also tell you this information.

If it’s parameter #32, I see a few GE switches have this parameter as “Default Brightness Level”. If that’s what you’re setting, 255 is not a valid value. Only 0-99 are allowed.

Besides that, check the HA log to see if an error is reported. It should tell you if the parameter doesn’t exist or the value is wrong.

The value I am trying to set is the problem. As you mentioned 255 is not valid for this field.

I was confusing this with the maximum value I set is light_profiles.csv