Automation, compare sensor with numeric helper

We live in a house where we still cook on (hopefully not Russian) gas. Unfortunately, the ventilation of the house is seriously deficient. For this I built a CO2 sensor, so that I at least get notifications when there is too much CO2 in the air, like with cooking.

However, I actually want to set up the automation so that I only get notifications when the CO2 level exceeds a certain value and keeps rising. And not if it drops (provided it is not severe).

For this, I have a condition in mind, but it doesn’t seem to work:

condition: numeric_state
entity_id: sensor.nocnoc_mhz19b_carbondioxide
above: "{{ states('input_number.co2_helper_a') }}"

I get the error message:

Message malformed: expected float for dictionary value @ data['condition'][0]['above']'

The value of the helper is delayed updating by another automation.
I’m doing something wrong, I know, but I don’t understand why it’s going wrong or how to fix it…
Would you guys mind taking a look with me?

You got that error message because the above option doesn’t support templating.

I suggest you use a Template Condition.

condition: template
value_template: "{{ states('sensor.nocnoc_mhz19b_carbondioxide') | float(0) > states('input_number.co2_helper_a') | float(0) }}"
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Thanks Taras,

That works amazingly good!

You’re welcome!

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It does support reading from numeric entities without a template, like this:

condition: numeric_state
entity_id: sensor.nocnoc_mhz19b_carbondioxide
above: input_number.co2_helper_a

See the fifth example here:


just had a very similar problem, your post just fixed it, thanks!

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