Automation condition off ecobee climate?

hey all,

trying to figure out how to monitor via trigger or condition against the “climate” service; specifically from ecobee


one example is:

  • TRIGGER: if sensor.master_bedroom_temperature >22 for 20mins
  • CONDITION: if HVAC is off (heat=off, ac=off)
  • ACTION: turn on the fan


above: '22'
entity_id: sensor.master_bedroom_temperature
for: '00:20:00'
platform: numeric_state

condition: state
entity_id: climate.redbrick
state: 'hvac_mode: off'

  fan_mode: 'on'
entity_id: climate.redbrick
service: climate.set_fan_mode

This isn’t working however. I suspect my “state” hvac_mode: off isn’t working (though it is valid syntax).

Per the climate documentation, it is a “service” … so I’m wondering if this excludes it from being able to be leveraged in TRIGGERS or CONDITIONS?

Any insight appreciated.

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if I look at Automation for Climate Thermostat … maybe I need to look into the difference between “states” and “attributes” of a device?

or maybe

after more review of documentation …


entity_id: climate.redbrick
for: '02:00:00'
platform: state
to: 'fan_mode: on'

I think this is a problem I don’t see in the docs how to trigger based on an ATTRIBUTE state …


Now I have:

condition: state
entity_id: climate.redbrick
state: 'off'

, this seems to be correct


  fan_mode: auto
entity_id: climate.redbrick
service: climate.set_fan_mode

, this is uncertain as well … data requires key-value pairs, but if I’m calling a climate.set_fan_mode service, it seems strange to have to include the fan_mode key … but maybe it is right?