Automation does not register the first time it should after about 8 hours

I’m using a Zooz ZSE40 with a GE dimmer to turn on a bathroom light when motion detected:

  alias: Bathroom Light On
  initial_state: 'on'
  description: ''
  - above: '7'
    below: '9'
    entity_id: sensor.zooz_zse40_4_in_1_sensor_burglar
    platform: numeric_state
  condition: []
  - device_id: 14a0286ede074f48a826cdbadbf5ee3f
    domain: light
    entity_id: light.jasco_products_unknown_type_4944_id_3235_level
    type: turn_on

During the day the automation works properly but my wife (first person into the bathroom in the morning) has reported that the last few days the light has not turned on for her automatically.

This was the first morning I had a little spare time and found this in the logbook:


She went into the bathroom, light didn’t turn on, so she manually pressed the switch.

When the automation is working as expected the logbook reads simply:

Any ideas on where to start troubleshooting?

can you see the state of the burglar sensor changing state when it should in the states page?

IOW, does it go to ‘8’ when she walked into the bathroom?

Thank you!

I just logged in to try and delete this post, this morning we found out that a six year old (ours) has been getting up in the night to use the restroom and blearily turning off the light afterwards. I have the dimmer turned to as low as possible during night time hours so when he presses on the physical switch it will turn the dimmer all the way off and when the automation triggers for my wife the switch turns on but not the light bulbs.

So, everything’s working as it should, just that there was a human element that I now need to un-train, after nagging him to turn off lights for most of his life.