Automation- duplicate/copy and grouping

Forgive me if there is already a way to tackle these problems, I am not aware of them.

It would be great if the user could duplicate/copy an automation to make it faster for the next similar automation. For example, at 6pm Outdoor light turns on, I can duplicate/copy that and just change it to turn off at 10pm instead of going through the whole process from scratch.

Grouping in automation would also be great, for example, I can put a light turn on and off in a group instead of cluttering the automation page.


You can accomplish the first one by copying and pasting the YAML in automations.yaml and changing what you want in the pasted automation.

The new feature in 103 may also help with copy pasting.

I’m not so sure of that.

It will help if you want to copy individual pieces from the editor to somewhere else. Or from somewhere else to the editor. but copying an entire automation from the editor of one automation to the editor of a different automation would be very cumbersome if not impossible. you would probably have to copy each piece (trigger, condition, action) individually to an intermediate location then close that automation out and then open a new automation and copy each piece into that one individually.

It would be way easier to just copy it in the yaml file and paste it all into the yaml file again as suggested by @Tediore above.

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Was just about to request similar…

Would be great within the Automation Editor to be able to duplicate automation with the press of of a clone icon and then a dialog box to give the duplicate automation a new name. Automation would be turned off by default.

In addition, would be great to be able to categorise Automations (even just being able to add headers/sections for different types of automations). I’ve got around this by having a naming schema which helps me find them quicker.


Totally agree, with the current version, if you have more than 10 automations (very easy) the automations.yaml file is too hard to edit. So to have this copy/paste feature at frontend would be perfect.


I was about to add this request too. It would be great to have a ‘duplicate’ button to create an exact copy of an entire automation, which can then be modified. It would save a massive amount of time when creating automations in the front end for things like dimmers.

There is a duplicate automation button at the top-right of the automation screen (once you open a particular automation for editing, not the automations list screen, as of 0.115. I’m using the beta, but it’ll be released next week.


The new duplicate is fantastic, saved me an hour already, please add that to scripts now

That wasn’t at all obvious… just meaning I’d created 2 other automations by hand because I couldn’t find this, and realising there must be a better way… Thanks for posting this, I probably would have found it eventually, but thanks!

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