Automation editor do not work

If I change something in the automation editor I can not save them.
The button “Save” does not work.

I can not create a new automation in the automation editor either.
What can this be?

Home Assistant

Errors in the log?


Negativ only warnings:

Log Details (WARNING)
Fri May 11 2018 06:07:46 GMT+0200 (CEST)
Platform cast not ready yet. Retrying in 180 seconds.

All browser do it on the same way. Nothing happens when i press save.

If you can’t save it means there is an error in the automation you are adding. (There may have been a bug in a recent version though… Can’t remember - I keep up-to-date here)

No error in the automation, all work without errors. Even if I delete all automation and try to create a new, then I can not save this.

Same Error with Script Editor, can’t add a new script. Save Button do not save the new script.

Like I said there was a version recently where this was broken. Maybe you should update to a later release.

o.k. Thanks