Automation Editor Issues

Does anyone know why the automation editor starts to get weird on Android after awhile.

It will start to create 2 lines when I press enter or when I do for example count: >- it started by putting > on a completely separate line. I also have some issues where it just locks up and I have to close the app and force stop it. Just swiping out of it and going back leaves me with a black screen.

I’m on Android 12 Galaxy s22. Home Assistant runs without issues, I assume it’s an app issue as I don’t experience this on a desktop.

See the picture for an example. I didn’t cause it to do that and you can see it is stretching line 15 and 16? This isn’t new either it has been happening for awhile and I hoped updates would fix it.

I’ve been getting exactly the same for a while now, and also on Android on a S22. I have to keep reaching for the laptop instead when I want to test or make changes to automations here and there as the app is very glitchy around entering code.
I sometimes get characters shifting when editing frontend card configs and characters not deleting like they should too.

Yep that as well and developer tools issues in the template editor.

Can you guys reproduce in chrome for Android on the same device?

So far no I can’t reproduce in chrome. The other thing it does is when I try to delete create 50 duplications or something crazy of whatever I’m trying to delete in the automation editor and template editor in developer tools.

make sure that android system webview is up to date

I see you also said the app freezes? Does it eventually crash? If so we should look at the crash logs

Everything is on the latest version. It has not crashed to the point of the android popup saying the app crashed. Is there a way to pull logs from the app the next time it black screens?

the logs are available by going to Configuration > companion app > show and share logs

these bugs sound like editing bugs that are probably a frontend issue, I would start by looking at open issues there

I’ve just tested in Chrome on my android and managed to introduce the mentioned extended line spacing while entering some code into an automation - see line 16

The extended line issue happens after entering double curly brackets {{ and pressing the ‘return’ onscreen keyboard button

Hopefully this can be resolved as it really makes it difficult to quickly fix something on mobile.

Feel free to add to this issue I created in frontend hopefully this will get fixed.