Automation Editor Notes/Remarks

I started out with Home Assistant creating all of my automatons in yaml and had
a lot of remarks so i knew what I did and why and also was able to comment out
a line to see how it affected the function then test and un-comment.
That made troubleshooting a lot easier.

Now that everything is going to the Automation Editor and it strips out remarks,
I was wondering if their might be any way to store remarks in the service data
area in the Automation Editor with a # as the 1st character and have it ignore
that so you could comment out a line and then just remove the # to use it again
or to add comments “1.#Testing how this works.” on one of the lines in
service data.

I don’t use the UI editors so I’m not sure, but you don’t need to use the UI automation editor. You can still configure them manually in YAML.

I still edit any complex automation in yaml but have started using UI for more simple
automations and if you add a comment in yaml and then open the automation in the
UI it strips out the comment’s.
Was just trying to think of a way to retain the comments because I find them helpful.
Also think it would be nice for someone new trying to work out issues if they don’t
know how to edit in yaml.

Ah ok, I understand. I just wanted to make sure you didn’t think you had to switch to the UI for automations because of the recent blog post.