Automation Failsafe

Ever since the 2023.8.4 the zigbee call service light.turn_on has been failing. Regardless of the error, the lights still turn on, but yet the error persists. This has the affect of killing any automations using these particular lights at the point these lights are called.

Is there an option where I can tell the automation to continue through even though one (or more) item(s) has failed? If not then perhaps there should be an option to do just that. I know I can disable items within it, but it does work, it just continuously spits out these errors and stops the automation from continuing.


There is a “retry” add-on but we all try to avoid such things!

On one of the automations I was able to just move the zigbee lights to the bottom of the list. Ugly workaround, but it does work now. The other automation, I am unable to do that as the next item in the list is a 7 hour timer which I need.

[quote=“lexridge, post:1, topic:614380”]
the zigbee call service light.turn_on has been failing. Regardless of the error[/quote]

Wouldn’t it be better to find out why it fails, and fix that, instead of trying to work around the actual issue?
The error must be showing some clues in the traces/logs :thinking:

Yes, that is the obvious answer, but since the problem appears to be in upstream development, there is not much I can do at this point. I have tried reverting to v2023.7.2 but for some reason my backup is not restoring. No errors, nothing reported as to why. I will look for a way to manually restore the backup via command line.

I was finally able to revert back to 2023.7.2 and all is working normally again. Thanks.

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