Automation for adjusting thermostat based on outside temperature?

Hi, I’m attempting to set the climate in our home according to the temperature outside via data provided from weather.home.

The issue is it’s a little too warm in the bedroom on hot days in the summer, and I would like to have the HA recognize that the weather is (for example) >23C outside and maybe set the air conditioning to 19.5C for the day, cooling the house down a little more than on days when its cloudy and the heat won’t linger at which I can set the temp at the normal 20.5C. Being a little cooler until the evening in the house on hot days should help comfort at bedtime, at which int the temp can automatically go back to normal once the sun is down. (There isn’t a schedule on my wifi enabled thermostat)

I’ve read a few threads on climate automation but they mostly dealt with showing examples of rounding temp display numbers or shifting the temperature according to who may be in the room.

I’d appreciate some help on that front. Maybe it is a simple automation. (I hope!)

Essentially the outside temp state is your trigger and your action is a service call to climate.set_temperature. Climate - Home Assistant

And another automation at sunset to set the temp back.

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That would work. thank you.

I have a similar question but with heating…
So i would like to set a scale of heating the house according to outside temperature but where i live, the temperatures can go sub zero. What is confusing for me is how to place the data on the numeric state trigger. Example

I would like to set my heating to 28 degrees if the outside temperature is from -1 degrees to - 8.
So, should i put: Above: - 8 and Below: - 1 or opposite?

Stupid question i know but i am stuck with it…

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