Automation for log error

How can I create an automation that notify me when a core’s errors or supervisor’s errors happens?

For example, This below error has happened because I change the entity name and I forget to update de node-red flow.

2022-01-25 07:31:16 WARNING (MainThread) [homeassistant.helpers.service] Unable to find referenced entities light.laudry2

Or when a configuration is wrong

22-01-25 09:00:49 WARNING (MainThread) [supervisor.addons.options] Option 'require_ssl' does not exist in the schema for Node-RED

I’m actually looking to do something similar. I haven’t tested it yet but at least for core you’re probably looking at doing something like this using counters or events: System Log - Home Assistant

Obviously you’d want to set up a notification to do something with it but that’s the first half at least.