Automation for motion sensor light with two sensors

I have a light, and two motion sensors. I would like for either sensor to turn on the light for X minutes after there is no motion. The default motion activated light blueprint works pretty well, except for the dual sensor requirement. If I trigger the light at one part of the space, and linger near the other part of the space, I do not want the light to shut off on me.

What is the correct way to approach this? The default blueprint waits for motion to end on the sensor, then waits for X minutes and shuts off, with a restart on motion. I currently have two instances of this automation: one for each sensor.

Should I instead update the blueprint/create a single automation where either sensor triggers the light, and add a second trigger in the action, forcing it to wait first for no motion on one sensor, then wait for no motion on the other sensor, and finally wait for X minutes and shut off? Or is there a better way?

Create a group containing your two motion sensors. Use that in the blueprint.

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I didn’t realize that would imply an AND behavior for state triggers. I thought it was an OR :sweat_smile:.

Thanks, I’ll try it!

It is OR logic. Which is what you want according to this:

One sensor OR the other should keep the light on.

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