Automation for Pushing Shopping List Notifications Upon Store Arrival

I’m setting up a Home Assistant automation to push my shopping list notifications to my mobile device when I arrive at specific stores, to streamline access without needing to open the app manually. However, I’m encountering an issue where my call to the shopping list returns ‘None’.

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see this post for more info:

in terms of your question,

that’s not quite correct for how you access todo items. you need to call get_item that will then put the items into a response_variable.

try something like this in your action section:

  - service: todo.get_items
    metadata: {}
      status: needs_action
      entity_id: todo.shopping_list
    response_variable: get_item_results
  - service: notify.persistent_notification
      title: Shopping List
      message: |
        {%- for item in get_item_results['todo.shopping_list']['items'] %}
          {{ item.summary }}
        {%- endfor %}