Automation - for sustained numeric state

Ive made an automation for a numeric state, but my problem is that it only triggers if the numeric state
crosses (and only when crossing).

How can I get it to continually trigger?

example - perhaps if the temp was cold for 30 minutes, I would raise the thermostat up once… but if its still cold for another 30 minutes after that (e.g., <60), I still want to raise the thermostat up once again.


It would help if you posted your automation.

something like this:-

id: turnupheat
  - platform: numeric_state
    entity_id: inside_weatherstation
    attribute: temp
    below: '60'
      hours: 0
      minutes: 30
      seconds: 15
  raise thermostat by 1

so for this example, say its 40 degrees (hypothetical), this raises the temp by 1, but after that its still only 50 degrees, but it wont trigger again because the numerical state has crossed under 60, down to 40, then 50. But hasnt come up past that threshold and down again to cause a triggger…

Is raise thermostat by 1 just adding 1 degree to the current set temperature or is it setting the temperature to a specific value? You don’t want to keep triggering this and adding 1 degree to your set temperature over and over.

What is turning the thermostat back down after this automation turned it back up? Do you want the thermostat to increase and stay +1 degree the entire time the temp is below 60 (after 30 min) and then turn back down if and when the temp goes back above 60?

You could use a State trigger, instead of numeric state. It will trigger everytime the (numeric) state of sensor.inside_weatherstation changes. The weatherstation’s temperature in the action: part is available using trigger.to_state.state | float(default=40) in templates.

But - usually you simple set a targe temperature on the (smart) thermostat and it takes care how to achieve this.