Automation for tracking sleeping based on last seen movement

I’m trying to get the house to know when I am sleeping so it can then adapt accordingly. Using the motion detectors i already have, I can sat that if the bedroom is the last room to detect motion and its night time, then the house can go into sleep mode.

So I can write the automation with every other motion sensor in the house as a condition to be false, but is there a neater way to write such as “all other motion sensors false”. I just don’t want to have 100 lines for one automation.


You can put all the other motion sensors in a group, and then check that the group is off. Then if you ever add/subtract motion sensors, you’ll just need to update the group and not the automation.

But are you sure all the other motion sensors will be 'off' when the sensor in the bedroom detects motion? Typically motion sensors stay 'on' for a while after no longer sensing motion.

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