Automation going crazy

Hi there,

I set up an automation to be warned if the humidity/temperature is higher/lower than a specific value. Since I needed to reinstall HA (my SD broke) with my (thank god) backup-files my automation goes crazy if triggered. I get notifications every second. And by that I mean literally every second. Very annoying. My config:

    name: Das Schlafzimmer müsste mal gelüftet werden!
    entity_id: binary_sensor.schlafzimmer_feucht
    repeat: 60
      - telegram_haushalt

Where my binary_sensor looks like the following:

  - platform: template
        value_template: '{{ states.sensor.humidity_158d00011172f3.state | int > 60 and is_state("group.familie", "home") and is_state("sun.sun", "above_horizon") and states.sensor.humidity_158d00011172f3.state | int > states.sensor.dark_sky_humidity.state | int }}'
        friendly_name: 'Wohnzimmer Luftfeuchte'

Any idea where to start?


Check the history on binary sensor to see how often it is being fired, then check each entity in the binary sensor the see which ones are being triggered. Nothing odd sticks out to me.

Can you check that the timezone in Raspbian is configured properly?
There was an issue with the timezones and alert component causes several notifications to be sent every second continuously.

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I did that. I’ll report back with results.