Automation have to be in english

why should automation titles be in English when I can skip and then write it in e.g. Danish

I’m not exactly sure what you mean by this? You can name them anything you like, right?

Just a wild guess but if you make a template automation you need to use “input_text” instead of “input_tekst”, and “tidsstempel” instead of “timestamp”.

I see OPs point but the massive work that is needed in the back end is just insane for such a thing to work (reliably).

EDIT: I see now that it actually says “titles” in the question.
I mostly read the title :slight_smile:

When i open automation and click on the +
Then i can write a title, that have to be in english. If i clik om skip i can name it anything i Want.
Why not let me name it anything in the first box

Oh, you mean the “What should the automation do?” piece?
It has nothing to do with the name or title of the automation. It uses “Almond” in the background to try to translate your wish to a set of commands, and that only works in english:

Ahh ok then is this Solved :slight_smile: