Automation help extracting a value from MQTT

I’m trying to write an automation which will respond to an RF button.
The RF bridge that posts MQTT. I’m trying to create an automation, which will fire on the MQTT topic RF_Bridge/tele/RESULT and then extract the actual data from the trigger.payload_json which looks like
{‘RfReceived’: {‘Sync’: 10290, ‘Low’: 340, ‘High’: 980, ‘Data’: ‘0E1932’, ‘RfKey’: 1}}

‘Data’ identifies which rf button was pressed, and I need to set different actions based on that value.

So far, I’m just using a notification with message: “{{ trigger.payload_json }}” which produces the string above. I’ve tried “{{ trigger.payload_json.Data }}” and “{{ trigger.payload_json.attributes[‘Data’] }}” but I just get an empty message.

{{ trigger.payload_json['RfReceived']['Data'] }}

Troon is correct, but maybe read this topic:

Sonoff RF Bridge. Strategies for receiving data - Share your Projects! - Home Assistant Community

That’s it. Many thanks.

I used to use, but then it stopped working. The pythion gets called, but does not generate a MQTT call. In the meantime I had re-installed HA and moved to HASSOS, so I was wondering if the line
‘‘mqtt’, ‘publish’, service_data, False)’ had been deprecated?

I still use it. And still working.