Automation Help: Notification if my dryer doesn't start within 6 hours of washer starting

Hi! I’m trying to create an automation to notify me if I started a washing machine but didn’t start the dryer within a few hours … the idea is to not leave a load of laundry in… I have the trigger set as the washer starting and the actions duplicated from the reminder (text updated though). 1.

What I’m struggling with is the conditions. I have a smart outlet on it which is tracking the energy levels but can’t figure out an efficient way to have a condition then trigger?

Trigger: Washer Starts
Condition: Dryer does not start within 6 hours (need help here!)
Action: notification

Start a 6 hour timer when your washing starts.

Trigger on this timer finishing. To remind you.

Use another automation to stop the timer if the dryer starts.

The advantage of doing it this way is that timers restore if home assistant is restarted while they are running.

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But if I did that, I wouldn’t want that alert

Wouldn’t want what alert?

My proposal does exactly what you asked for:

If you don’t start the dryer within 6 hours of starting the washing machine you get a notification.

The way I read that, I would think I get the alert even if I started the dryer.

Did you miss this bit: