Automation Help - Simplepush Notification

I’m having trouble with the Simplepush notifier for the below automation.

I know that I can send notifications via command line using curl:

curl ''
I can also manually send a message via my Home Assistant Services page using:

    { "message": "This is a test" }

## Automation

Thanks for your help!

Updated automation to use data_template. No way to test until a new version is released though…

Have you set the “name” field to ‘simplepush’? From memory, I think the default is ‘notify’ .


I think you have to have the - indented like

    - name: simplepush
      platform: simplepush

For me this system is working great - I have just one problem.
Can’t manage so that it would start working notification for person came / go from to home…

- id: '110'
  alias: Obvestilo - Simon je doma
    platform: state
    entity_id: device_tracker.gsms
    from: 'not_home'
    to: 'home'
    service: notify.ha
      message: "Simon je prišel domov."
      title: "OSEBA"

Do anybody know what I’m doing wrong…
gsms - this is device which I track…
notify.ha is a user which receive notification…

is maybe problem with not_home to home statement? I tried also with not home to home (with blank space)…