Automation: HMIP door sensor state send to telegram

I would like to have the status of the door sensors (homematic IP sensor via Raspimatic controlled by HA) sent to me via Telegram.
Telegram is set up as far as it goes. When I “trigger” the automation, I also get a message on Telegram.

However, when I “trigger” the sensor, no message is sent.

I suspect I am choosing the wrong “terms” for the status change.

I have selected State… Attribute left blank… and for “From” I entered Close to “To” Open.

I have already tried “Close” “Open” and “Geschlossen” “Offen”, as my interface is in German.

I used the gui to set up automation.

Do I still have to enter a specific attribute?
Have I used the wrong terms?

Problem is solved.
I delete entries in “From” and “To”.
Now I get a message for each trigger change.

So I change my automation and add a time delay after sending message to telegram from 60seconds.