Automation Idea: Ikea Hub Self-heal

I have an Ikea TRÅDFRI gateway, which controls the FYRTUR blinds. I see that this has now been replaced by the DIRIGERA Hub, but I feel like this suggestion will still stand regardless of which model you have.

While we both like the blinds, I noticed that, in the ~12 months that we have had them, the blinds have gone offline about 3 times. Each time, I had to restart the TRÅDFRI gateway and they would be OK again. To prevent me from having to do this manually, I put the TRÅDFRI gateway behind a smart socket, which allowed me to build the following automation.

  • Trigger: when any of the blinds are in state:unavailable for 5 minutes
  • Actions:
    • Turn off TRÅDFRI gateway
    • Wait 5 minutes
    • Turn on TRÅDFRI gateway
    • IF: Any blind is still in state:unavailable for 3 minutes, THEN: send me a message in push bullet.

This should at least get the first step out of the way before I need to pay any attention to it, or hopefully prevent me (or the wife) from noticing entirely.

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