Automation in the (commercial) vegetable garden

I am working as a volunteer in a vegetable garden, which is a couple of acres. During the work I saw possibilities for applying automation in the garden and the greenhouses that are there.

That’s why I put together a document for this vegetable garden with points to take into consideration with applying automation in greenhouses and the vegetable garden.
Home Assistant is a big part of the docuemnt, as one of the mentioned software systems available.
I decided to make the document available on the internet, as it can be informative for others too.

The information is focussed on low cost solutions and for those willing to do a bit more themselves rather than having a professional company taking care of all the automation installation and maintainance.

It’s not very detailed on how to execute everything it’s more about pointing out choices to consider and getting gardeners on the way in this field. So that gardeners can go further from this point.

So, it’s kind of specific, for commercial gardeners and it’s a application of Home Assistant to which it isn’t designed for initially.

The document covers:

  • Solutions for measuring and storing data with sensors like temperature, humidity, windspeed, rain
  • Actuators to (automatically) carry out tasks like hoop house roll up motors, window openers
  • Electricity solutions (power grid or solar and battery)
  • Background on theory of humidity control
  • Options for remote access for monitoring sensor values and control
  • Internet options on a remote site (line or mobile via SIM card)
  • Wired communication vs wireless communication, LoraWAN in particular
  • Software packages like Orisha, Home Assistant and others
  • Discusses open source vs commercial vendors, Cloud vs local solutions
  • Attention to how to check whether sensors are showing right value and how to select the right quality sensors

The document is available for download at: