Automation is not Working, but Will When Manually Triggered

Hello, I’m new to this platform and have spent countless hours on trying to get this automation to work. I have tried a single trigger and multiple triggers. I am wanting my Insteon scene to turn on after any or one of my Ecobee triggers are reached.

I can trigger this manually and this is working as expected. Basically I want my scene to run whenever the heat is on. I am also comfortable with using temperature thresholds, but that doesn’t seem to work either. What am I doing wrong?

 - id: '1572841240956'
   alias: 'Moving That Warm Air '
   description: This will make the ceiling fan run at high speed, when the heat is running.
   - entity_id: climate.home
     platform: state
     to: 'aux_heat: on'
   - entity_id: climate.home
     platform: state
     to: 'equipment_running: ''auxHeat1,fan'''
   - above: '67'
     below: '66'
     entity_id: climate.home
     platform: numeric_state
   condition: []
   - data:
       group: 31
     service: insteon.scene_on

I know you are new here, and welcome, but you really need to please quote your config properly - item 11 here - How to help us help you - or How to ask a good question

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As @nickrout already said, pleaseformat the code correctly. As an information, if you trigger an automation manually, all triggers and conditions will be skipped and it goes directly to the action part. Your problem is probably thia line:

to: equipment_running: ‘auxHeat1’

I assume equipment_running is an attribute of climate.home? If so,you need a value template to use it as a trigger in your automation. We can help you with this,once you post your code in a proper format.

That isn’t valid. If you want to use an attribute in a trigger, you have to use a template, like:

  platform: template
  value_template: "{{ is_state_attr('climate.home','aux_heat','on') }}"

Same for your other one

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I finally figured that out, thank you for your reply. I’m pretty weak with coding, I can sort of understand it, but I’m trying to learn.

Man, I haven’t gotten to the point where I quite understand templates. I have also tried using this as just one trigger and when I query the state of my thermostat when the heat is on, I can confirm these values in my OP are the correct values from the thermostat.

Thank you for explaining how the manually triggers work. At least I know the scene works lol.

I’ll try to also research templates if that is what I need.

@Tinkerer already provided the solution for you. Now you need to do the same for the attribute “equipment_running”. Test it and if it doesn’t work, post your code again.