Automation lag

Hello all,

I was wondering if someone could help me.

I’m running HA on a Raspberry Pi 4B 8gb (on an SD-card, for the time being :wink: ).

All of my automation are experiencing lag (from 10 seconds up to 8 minutes).
I have an automation that triggers a notification on my smartphone (about the garbage).
It’s time based, but I receive the notificiation with a delay of 4 minutes. I’ve put the importance on ‘high’ but the lag stays the same.
Another automation is a motion-switched LED-strip. Here I’m also experiencing a lag, what is not very useful in the whole idea of a motion-switched light :slightly_smiling_face: .

What are you guys thoughts?
Is it possible that the use of the SD-card instead of an SSD has anything to do with it?

Thanks in advance!

Have you had a look at the Traces for your automations to see what time they are running? This may be different to the time when you become aware of the actions being performed.

Hi Templeton_nash,

The motion activated LED has a runtime of 0.07 seconds, but the light turns on after 10 seconds and after 10 seconds I already passed the place where i need the light for :slight_smile:
The notification automation has a runtime of 0.51 seconds, but I only receive the notification after 4 minutes.

If you run the actions of your automations manually do they have the delay you are experiencing?

Unlikely that’s the specific issue… Unfortunately you can’t take a - oh this is slow what’s wrong with HA? - approach - you have to logically peel apart each issue.

Your automation is quick. But after it fires then what? It sounds as if it would turn on or off your light - so how does that happen? In that case, what kind of light? (Including make, model and how its connected)

Yup - a good test would be to turn the light on from HA’s UI. Does that happen instantly or take ~10 seconds?

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When I run the automations manually the light turns on immediately, the other automation with the notification still takes a couple of minutes.

The light is a simple LED strip that is connect with a somfy io plug, the motion sensor is also a Somfy sensor. Both of them are connected to a Somfy Tahoma (some kind of base station of Somfy), this one is connected to HA with Overkiz.

At one moment I thought there were too many different systems, but when I run the automation manually, the light turns on instantly, also the motion dectecion shows movement immediately in HA.

That also happens instantly.

Already a big thanks for thinking with me :slight_smile: !

A strange thing:
When I run the automation with the notification manually a couple of times in a timespan of 5 minutes, the notificition does come instantly.