Automation Mail Send and Date/Time Language (solved)

Hi there,
I created an automation for sending my son’s daily class timetable via email (it’s getting fields from mysql).

I just put a date section in mail body:

{{(as_timestamp(now())+ (86400)) | timestamp_custom("%d %B %Y, %A",true)}}

But output is English Lang as default. => 17 December 2018, Monday.
Is it possible to change timestamp lang to Turkish?
I tried converting HASSIO to Turkish. It doesnt metter.

PS: My system working on Ubuntu 16.04.

Thanks in advance.


I think I found the solution myself. The template for people with similar problems is as follows.

{% set months = ["Ocak", "Şubat", "Mart", "Nisan", "Mayıs", "Haziran", "Temmuz", "Ağustos", "Eylül", "Ekim", "Kasım", "Aralık"] %}{% set days = ["Pazartesi", "Salı", "Çarşamba", "Perşembe", "Cuma", "Cumartesi", "Pazar"] %}{% set weekday = days[now().weekday()] %}{% set month = months[now().strftime('%m') | int -1] %}{{as_timestamp(now()) | timestamp_custom("%d")}}{{ ' ' + month + ' '+ now().strftime('%Y') + ', ' + weekday }}