Automation messages stored in database

Hi everyone,

I did some research over the internet but could not find a proper solution for what I want to achieve. I am currently using Raspbian installed on a raspberry Pi 3 B+ with the latest version of Home Assistant (0.91.4). InfluxDB is installed on my Synology NAS.

Basically I have some automations that are sending messages over messaging app (Telegram or Pushbullet, not decided yet) but I would like to store all those messages in a local database so I can get an history.

I am currently using influxDB along with Grafana to build some dashboards (based on different sensors) but not sure I can use it for messages history. Ideally I would like to store not only the message but date/time, type of messages and more attributes.

Has anyone already put that in place and/or have some directions to look at so I can investigate more in details ?

Thanks a lot