Automation Modes: Need help understanding what this automation does in practice

I’m looking at the RFID Tag Jukebox automation provided here and I’m seeing some things I’ve never used in my automations because I’ve mainly used NodeRED. But, I need to understand what’s going on here, so if you can help in any way, thank you.

The mode in the automation is single and the max_exceeded is silent. Am I to understand that the single mode prevents the automation from starting again until the entire automation has completed and that silent prevents a warning message from being generated?

If a warning is generated, is it done in the background in the log file, or is there a specific prompt in the UI?

This use case scenario seems to effectively prevent one from passing a tag over a reader multiple times, thereby causing a song to start over every time the tag is scanned. Does this sound correct?

The variables section. It seems that we’re matching a specific reader ID with a specific media player to ensure that the music is only played on that media player if that tag reader is scanned. While I can achieve this same result through NodeRED message flows, is that the intent with this?

It also seems as though we’ve used the tags variable to lock a tag to a specific playlist or song. Also something I think I can achieve through a switch node in NodeRED, yes?

The condition then tests the contents of the tags variable and the media_players variable to validate whether or not the actions should continue.

Then, in the actions, we use the variables to reference the previously stored variables…etc. I think I’m understanding, but correct me if I’m wrong.

Lastly, there’s a delay.


When the jukebox is triggered, and a song begins, is there any mechanism in this automation that delays the completion of the automation prior to the end of the actual song, or are we able to re-scan the same tag after 2 seconds of delay, thereby re-triggering the same song again?

If that’s the case, I’m wondering what the purpose of the single mode with silent max is.

Yes your understanding of single mode is correct. See Automation Modes - Home Assistant

Also yes, normally a warning would be written to the system log if a single mode automation was re-triggered while running. However the max_exceeded: silent setting suppresses this. This is only logged to the file. There is no pop-up “toast” message (like the “Home Assistant is starting” message) nor is there a persistent notification.

Can’t answer your jukebox questions as I don’t have time to analyse it right now but from a quick look it seems the automation should be over in 2 seconds or so. Allowing you to rescan a tag then.