Automation not created

Good evening everyone. Can anyone tell me why the automations created don’t come on the list? I am referring to the settings-automations-scenes section. But within the automation.yaml file there are all the automations I tried to create. Thank you

Automations, scenes and scripts created by the UI are not stored as yaml. They are stored as JSON in the home assistant registry which is not supposed to be user editable. You are expected to ues the UI editors that created them.

Umm…unless something changed or I’m completely brain dead I don’t think that’s correct.

(except for the scenes which I’m not sure about) I’m pretty sure the automations & scripts that are created by the UI editors are stored as yaml in the respective .yaml files.

That’s the reason why we need to add automations.yaml and scripts.yaml to the respective domains as !includes in the HA configuration.yaml file.

Did something big happen and I missed it or do I need to see a doctor? :laughing:

You’re right.

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post your configuration.yaml automation line.

You’re missing

automation: !include automation.yaml

same thing with script

Thank youuuu.

But the configuration is invalid

you may have to fix errors if you have them in the file. Also, make sure the included file matches your automation file name.

For example please?

that’s the example…

what’s the name of your file that automations are in?

The name of my automation?

no… the name of the file your automations are in.

Your configuration is in configuration.yaml. It’s filename is configuration.yaml. What is the name of the file your automations are in?

The name is automations.yaml