Automation on HASS start

I’m trying to get an automation to run when HASS starts. It needs to check the current state of occupants in the house (input_boolean) and if no one is home it changes alarm status to armed away. Here’s what it looks like:

- alias: 'HA start set alarm on'
    platform: homeassistant
    event: start
    platform: state
    entity_id: group.someone_home
    state: 'off'

    - service: alarm_control_panel.alarm_arm_away
      entity_id: alarm_control_panel.alarm
    - service: notify.pushbullet
        title: 'Alarm set to Arm Away (restart)'
        target: 'device/GalaxyS4'
        message: ' '

Unfortunately I’m getting an error in my log and an ‘Invalid Config’ in the web gui. Here’s the error:

17-05-09 15:19:31 WARNING (MainThread) [homeassistant.components.automation.event] Deprecation: Automations should not listen to event 'homeassistant_start'. Use platform 'homeassistant' instead. Feature will be removed in 0.45

I’m using the example here:

I can’t see that what I’m doing is that far off from the provided example:

    platform: homeassistant
    # Event can also be 'shutdown'
    event: start

Can someone spot what I’m doing wrong? Running HASS 0.43.2

I can’t see anything wrong; could it be referring to another automation that you may have the old event on still?

You were right. I had something tucked away that was causing that warning. Also, I discovered the problem and unfortunately it’s bitten me before. The issue is with the line:

platform: state

it should read:

condition: state

Thanks for looking.

Cool, glad you got it worked out.