Automation on SONNEN pv system with battery and VAILLANT heat pump aroTHERM plus

my HA project is the automation of this existing two components of my energy/heating installation. I’m very interested in getting information from similar projects and need support to get the communication and automation running. Are there already running integrations with this components:

SONNEN pv system 9,57 KWp, Solaredge SE 9k, Sonnenbatterie 10 (11 kWh)
VAILLANT aroTHERM plus VWL 125/6 A

I’m looking forward to get your feedback…


This is interesting. I have a different solar system but will soon get the same heat pump (the 5.5KW version though).

Linking the Solar and the Heat Pump should not be a major issue, they have that SG Ready interface for the basics, so that would work out of the box without even involving HA at all. All it takes is some kind switch (like the Homematic Multi-IO box) and you are done.

I have a related project though…I am trying to find a way to get the Heat Pump to react directly to the current room temperature instead of the outside temps. Sadly Vaillant doesn’t have any official or unofficial HA integration yet and my Homematic IP room Thermostats can’t talk to the Heat Pump while the Vaillant Thermostats can’t control my floor heating.
Interesting situation, right…:grin: