Automation override

Let’s face it: some times we need to stop temporaryly all automation.
Guests, need to have things run manual,…

I am thinking of an automated way to do that (no pun intended)

Let me clarify : a room has all lights .automated by sensors. A guest overrides the automation by switching manually on or off the light. I would like from that moment the room to go in manual mode for a preset time.
How to do that?
I shall somehow catch either the event switch depressed : I tried that and even though it might be possible using some zwave trick (my switches are in the majority of the cases driven by fibaro relays) or by catching the state " the light is on-off but it was not due to any connected automation’

How to do that ?

PS: in parallel I can think of a Xiaomi Button per room enabling manual mode …but I don’t like it as main way to do it