Automation Panasonic Heatpump

I guess, being new to Home Assistant, I am doing something wrong.

I would like to start my Panasonic Heat Pump, based upon temperature, but only if the time is between 06.00 and 22.00 on all days of the week.

If I manually run the automation, it works. If the temp is above the trigger temp, the automation doesn’t do anything, if below, it starts the Heat Pump.

Heat pumps need time to start, so my next automation looks at the outlet temperature of my Aquarea (Panasonic) and above 28 degrees, should set the target temperature to 22 degrees and open a valve (which is done automatic once the target temperature is above the actual temperature)

Somehow, every Time triggered automation works, but all temperature triggered automations fail to start.
What am I doing wrong?

Please find a sample of a temperature based automation below:

'id: ‘1646136852981’
alias: Panasonic CV aan op temp
description: Panasonic CV aan bij temp onder 21 graden

  • platform: numeric_state
    attribute: current_temperature
    below: ‘21’
  • condition: time
    after: ‘06:00:00’
    before: ‘22:00:00’
    • mon
    • tue
    • wed
    • thu
    • fri
    • sun
    • sat
  • service: switch.turn_on
    data: {}
    entity_id: switch.aquarea_main_power
    mode: single

The above code needs to switch oon the Aquarea main switch once a temperature of less than 21 degrees has been reached by the sensor called “living”

That sensor is shown in Lovelace


It seems that somehow my temperature is not read properly.
When I create a similar automation, based on Time, the automation starts without problems

Thanks for your kind help

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What @tom_l said. But a trigger has to pass the threshold, ie it has to go from over 21 to under 21 to trigger it. Have your tests passed thru the threshold?

Hi Nick,

yes I have done all that (by using a candle to heat up the sensor, or Ice cubes to cool the sensor.
In Lovelace and on the sensor itself I can see the temperature either rise above the trigger temperature or go below the trigger temperature, both don’t seem to be triggering anything (the “Last Triggered” remains on my last manual action (to test if the automation actually does what it needs to do after receiving it’s trigger)

I have the very same issue with a sensor called:

If the temperature goes above 28 degrees (29 or higher) I want the pump that feeds the pipes inside my home to switch on.
So the temperature is BELOW the threshold value:
After the Aquarea has started and the temperature rizes above 28 degrees, I would like my Pump to start (the pump is connected via TUYA switch and functions. also when I manually trigger the automation, the pump switches On)

Here I find the exact same issue… My trigger never works, although I can see in Lovelace that in fact the temperature is above the threshold of 28 (29 and above) but wasn’t before.

My simple comclusion… Home Assistant somehow does not receive the proper information and/or I have set the tigger in a wrong way.
Is it possible to trace ALL information that Home Assistant handels (the Log does also not show any change in temperature ever)
If i would be able to find which entity (name) is exactly collecting the Temperature information I might be able to get the trigger to work :slight_smile:
Thanks, harpert

I see you haven’t followed tom’s advice so it is difficult to really comment on unformatted yaml. Hiwever you should look at the automation’s debugging output.

Good day,

the solution turned out to be as simple as the problem itself.
The Automation(s) did not work UNTIL HA was restarted…
after restarting the automations I already created started to work without issues.

Thanks for your input and assistance.
A simple restart solved my issues…

THX, Harpert