Automation Request : Adjust lights brightness by time of day

Hey All,

First wanted to take a second to thank all of you who have helped me here, you have all been a life saver when I have gotten into a jam. THANK YOU!

I am not sure if I am over thinking this or not but, has anyone tried an automation based on dimness for time of day?

It would go something like th is:
I turn on my Bedroom light and it turns on with brightness set to 5%
Later in the day i turn on the same light and it turns on with brightness at 45%
In the evening I turn on the same light after sundown and the brightness is set to 20%
Lastly at night time I turn it on and it is set to 10%

So Home Assistant is setting the brightness of the lamp based on the time of day and whatever parameter I enter in. The light would be triggered by toggle or a button.

All of your help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks for the help, I will give it a shot