Automation script for activating say at specific time

Hello I am new to the home assistant and have very few things linked. I have tried checking the wiki’s and YouTube videos as well but I am having trouble getting an automation script to activate at a certain time.

I see the automation script in my home assistant page and can activate it manually from the front end. But it does not trigger by itself. I am on a Lubuntu 18.04 computer. Any help would be appreciated.

    message: "Hello Good Morning"
  service: tts.google_say
alias: "Good morning"
    platform: time
    hours: 8
    minutes: 32
    seconds: 0

see that blue bar on top? Can you use it to format your code please?
At first glance however you set Google TTS but you don’t provide an entity_it (a media_player) to play the TTS sound over…
It should look like this:

    - service: tts.google_say
      entity_id: media_player.google_home_mini
        message: 'Good morning'

Thanks for the reply and for the suggestion. Unfortunately I have tried before putting the exact entity ID and it still fails to trigger.


So I saw my logs this morning and it says that it triggered. So I tried changing the time and it didn’t. I found out in my config log that it said my time zone was UTC. I changed it to America/Chicago and well I guess that was what was wrong!